mixes >A Grand Tour


recorded Aprill 11, 2002 in the Dogpatch, San Francisco

h.e.a.d. s.h.i.t. 004

You need a vacation. Why not leave right now? Don't worry, you'll be back in just over an hour. And you'll come back refreshed.

Don't worry about the locals. They may seem strange but they're all very friendly. All they want is to rock your world. You'll see.

Here's your ticket. Have fun. I'll see you soon.

index artist title label
01 Otto Von Schirach Capital Letter Expansion Schematic
02 The Brothers Fuck & Friend Sunday Sex Clone
03 Phoenecia (Matmos remix) The Climactic Battle Scene with Ron & Josh Version Schematic
04 Mouse on Mars Spontaneous Reconstruction Sonig
05 Aril Brikha Groove la' Chord Fragile
06 Jamie Lidell Daddy's Car Spy Mania/Warp
07 DJ Sueme Raw Fish Dot Com
08 Akufen (w/p Marc Leclair) Brown Hawaï Perlon
09 Ellen Allien Erdbeermund Bpitch Control
10 Submania (w/p Karl Knerr) B2 Funkfahrt
11 Gold Chains I Come from San Francisco Orthlorng Musork
12 Aubrey Hoerman dff Odic Force
13 Nukubus Haenosaki Bunker 3000
14 BPMF Muy Macho Tension
15 The Drug Punks Drug City Rockers
16 Subhead E-Lec-Tro-Cu-Tion Tresor
17 Biochip C Strinks Lux Nigra
18 Bitstream Stream 2 Pylon
19 Electric Company (Cex remix) It's So Heart Rmx Tigerbeat 6
20 Falko Brocksieper Donca Matic Treibstoff
21 Michael Forshaw Work that Body Chan + Mikes
22 Luke.Eargoggle A1 Bunker 3000
23 Freeform Tired of Waiting Sub Rosa
24 Solvent Built-in Microphone Morr Music