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Upcoming gigs:

  • 2004.04.17 -- SODA with Hatatomic and Safety Scissors; Rx Gallery, SF

Past gigs:

  • 2004.02.07 -- with Kean, Dave Aju, and Picadub; Rx Gallery, SF
  • 2004.01.16 -- Trouble presents the Orac Records Tour with Caro,
    Bruno Pronsato, (a)pendix shuffle, and Mochipet; Li Po Lounge, SF
  • 2003.11.04 -- Scandilous Infusion with Kent Horne and Martin Revheim; Dragon Bar, SF
  • 2003.10.11 -- Trouble and Robotspeak present Audio Dregs 2003 Autumn Tour with F.S. Blumm, Greg Davis, E*Rock, Picadub, Sindri, and Mochipet, and Vaturbo; Monkey Fresh Studios, SF
  • 2003.09.29 -- Trouble invades Minimal Monday with Picadub, Mochipet, and Sindri; Hush Hush, SF
  • 2003.08.18 -- Minimal Monday with Misha and Forest Green; Hush Hush, SF
  • 2003.06.18 -- Aphaisic with DEGIERE , Cyhl, and Smartypants; Luxus, NYC
  • 2003.06.20 -- the Bunker with DEGIERE; Tonic, NYC
  • 2003.05.15 -- Drum Machine Museum with Tokiotek, Gabe Taylor, endosine, Audiovoid, minimalistik, Mickey T, Doey X, and Action Point Network; Club 6, SF
  • 2003.04.26 -- Trouble with The Ripoff Artist, The Sheath, Uprock, Christopher Willits, Wobbly, Sutekh, and Mochipet; Amnesia, SF
  • 2003.04.01 -- Pirate TV with Echolocation
  • 2003.03.18 -- Konstrukt with Trainrex, Damiak, Maredsous, and Sote; 26 Mix, SF
  • 2003.02.10 -- Minimal Monday with Broker/Dealer, Sariah Storm, and Joe Babylon; Hush Hush, SF
  • 2003.01.14 -- Synapse with Sutekh, Andreas Octavio, and Volljude; Laszlo, SF
  • 2002.12.29 -- Undercity; Halcyon, Brooklyn
  • 2002.12.28 -- Subtext with Markus Miller, Andy Ingalls, and Jason Wiliams; Tonic, NYC
  • 2002.11.23 -- Trouble club 7.0: Get Yr Turkey On! with Zeek Sheck, Wobbly, Randy Jones, Sutekh, and Sindri; Amnesia, SF
  • 2002.11.18 -- Volta Vinyl and House Cat Records label launch party with Westside Chemical featuring Big Bola, the SubterraneanZ, ¡Bucho!, and Go Kart Go; Bottom of the Hill, SF
  • 2002.11.14 -- New Fangle closing party with Philip Sherburne, Perfect, and Sue and the Musorkians; Herbst International Exhibition Hall, SF. Contact Gen Art for more info
  • 2002.11.07 -- CODE with DJ Pat, Dragonfly, and Amber; DNA Lounge, SF
  • 2002.10.19 -- Trouble and Robotspeak: grand opening for Robotspeak with Uprock, Nikola, Philip Sherburne, Guthrie, Brad Kraft, and Sue and the Musorkians; Peacock Lounge, SF
  • 2002.09.11 -- Trouble with OST, Pimmon, Safety Scissors, George Chen, Sue C, Scott Pagano, Kamau Patton, and Sindri; Amnesia, SF
  • 2002.08.17 -- Urban Wasteland with Chris Jackson, Jeff Taylor, Seraphim, Greg, and Sameer; underground location, Oakland (510 496 6000x183)
  • 2002.08.14 -- Trouble with Gold Chains, Kid606, Sutekh, George Chen, Televazquez, Jon Santos, Uprock, Sue C, Philip Sherburne, and Kamau Patton; Amnesia, SF
  • 2002.06.27 -- CODE with The Luxury Tax, Bre-ad, and Jest-One; DNA Lounge, SF
  • 2002.06.07 -- Resonance with el Juan, Anon, deGiere, Anuerysm, Oze', Dominatrix, Shane, DJ M [note -- not the N.E.W. DJ M], Jeff Taylor, Sir Nod, and Megatron; somewhere in the Bay Area
  • 2002.06.01 -- with Dusty Brown, Sussex, Mupetblast, and Loren; Espresso Metro, Sacramento
  • 2002.04.23 -- Paisley with DJ Tiger Shulman and Noam Fast; Paisley, NYC
  • 2002.03.05 -- under the radar with Battery Operated, Kenric McDowell, The Luxury Tax, and Zygote; 26Mix, SF
  • 2002.02.03 -- POP with the Co-Worker and the BeatBroker; Laszlo, SF
  • 2002.01.24 -- CODE with BiPole, Shane, and Ritter Gluck; DNA Lounge, SF
  • 2001 gigs
  • 1993 -1998 -- countless parties in mills, warehouses, and clubs throughout New England, New York, and parts of the Mid West. I'll make some attempt to list these as time and memory allow.