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recorded in November 1995 on Wickenden Street, Providence, RI

This is one of my favorite mixes from years past. I was branching out from hardcore and acid into more subtle areas, giving aural props to Detroit, the new IDM thing going on, and that crazy weird acid sound that wasn't hard acid.

I don't have enough time to dig through my records to make an accurate track listing. You'll notice some old Bola, Carl Craig, Autechre, Ken Ishii, and others if you listen carefully.

This recording was originally made to a 90 minute type IV metal bias cassette tape whose levels were run as hot as possible to squeeze every bit of quality out of it. I recently ran the tape through my sound card and saved it to my computer, then encoded it as RealAudio. I hope the sound is okay.

Finally, this mix starts off pretty quietly -- just put your headphones on and relax...