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recorded May 2001 in Cole Valley, San Francisco

h.e.a.d. s.h.i.t. 002

This is the first released mix I made since early 1998 and the first in San Francisco. I had been out of the game for so long I felt I needed something to reintroduce myself and my sound to everyone, especially those in San Francisco.

The big question was what I wanted to present myself as. I wanted to be true to my style without being offensive to those who like the standard SF sounds. San Francisco is a house, breaks, and trance town -- all styles that I don't play. The solution was to ride the intersection of different techno styles, which is what I love the most, but ride the styles that people in SF will find familiar, or at least comfortable. Instead of house I chose tech-house, instead of breaks I chose electro, and instead of trance I chose, well, good old techno (in case you were wondering, I think it's all techno).

What I came up with is a mix I thought was a good reintroduction for me to the world. A mix that was true to my style yet listenable for those finicky cats in San Francisco. And since no one knew who I was out here anyway, why not Who is the Fresh Blend??

An interesting subplot: I tried to fit in some important artists from the San Francisco Bay Area into this mix. I hope Safety Scissors, Kit Clayton, Chris Jackson (also on here as Switch, a fact I learned as I was tracking the mix), and Sutekh believe they were well represented.

index artist title label
01 Matthew Herbert Back to the Start !K7
02 Mouse on Mars and Matthew Herbert DJ Colapse Zomba Records/Sonig
03 Safety Scissors Bee is a Chicken Cytrax
04 T.P. Heckmann Knarz Is Machine Wavescape
05 Adult Nausea Ersatz Audio
06 Kit Clayton Material Problem Mille Plateaux
07 Tobias Schmidt Let U Go Tresor
08 Hamijama Nyctitropic Nippur Nociceptor Beta Bodega
09 Chris Jackson Balancing Act Solid Trax
10 Trevor Rockliffe Move That Body Dark Horse Music
11 Paul Birken Cover Up Saboteur Lounge
12 DJ Valium Sci-Fi 3 Radar Music
13 Debacy Autacoid Solid Trax
14 Manni Gaime Equinox Session Public Works
15 GD Luxxe Changed Body Interdimensional Transmission
16 Bigfoot Futures LTD vs. Soli Drums 2 Eukahouse
17 Cari Lekebusch Green Monster Introduction Drumcode
18 Si Begg Another Place Drought
19 Mouse on Mars Actionist Respoke Zomba Records/Sonig
20 Phoenecia Rhythm Box Schematic
21 Switch Circuitry Resource Records
22 Sutekh Parse Background Records
23 Grain Untitled B1 Fat Cat
24 Alton Inc. Alina Force Inc.
25 Christian Vogel Grainiak Burn Novamute
26 The Monsters From Id Spatial Lobe Signal