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recorded in September 2001 in Cole Valley, San Francisco

h.e.a.d. s.h.i.t. 003

The muse has inspired creation for centuries; how can I argue with that?

I want to say that I created this mix to prove to all the doubters out there that I play techno, but that would be admitting defeat. Who is the Fresh Blend? ended up confusing a lot of people with its eclectic-ness; some said it was tech-house, some said it was hardcore, some said it was electro. If I told you I created this mix to silence the doubters who say I don't play techno then they would win.

Anyway, this was a fun mix I did for no other reason than that I was inspired to do it. Thank you.

index artist title label
01 Terry Mitchell Loopz 'N' Toolz Dark Horse Music
02 Subhead and Dave Tarrida Phonomany Xtras
03 Tok Tok Quake Bpitch. Ctrl
04 2nd Gen and/or (Si Begg's 'Buckfunk 3000' remix) Mute
05 Dynamo aussen vor (log remix) Din
06 ? Test Pilot v.1 A2.1 Viewlexx
07 Titonton Duvante Talkin' S. Residual Recordings
08 Cari Lekebusch Clap Your Hands Missile
09 Tom Chasteen Ramp Up/Drill Down 1200 Music
10 Michael Forshaw Kill the B.B. Caps Chan 'N' Mikes
11 Subhead Pigs Ear Subhead
12 DJ Iguane Mentalox Chronobrain
13 K. Hand 3 Days Tresor
14 Universal Power Godess of Love Lasergun
15 Cristian Vogel Ninjah Tresor
16 ^slo-fi b. Audio.NL
17 Gerhard Potuznik M.W.M.M. Cheap
18 Q-Ic and Stephenson Anything Else Drought
19 Blimp Breakage Pro-Jex
20 Titonton Duvante Fetish Residual Recordings
21 DJ Sueme Dragonfly Drought
22 Cristian Vogel Whipaspank (Tube Jerk Mix) Novamute
23 Johannes Heil B1 Kanzleramt
24 Michael Forshaw Makin More Noise Chan 'N' Mikes
25 Holger Flinsch Winternebel 440 Hz Records